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Do Planes Trigger Rains? Fallstreak Holes

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane. Or so the saying goes, but new research has confirmed that airplanes do cause clouds to dump their conten [...]

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Aquiess and SciBlue Steer Atmospheric River Over Texas

Fresh water has been dubbed “Blue Gold” in many publications as potable water will be to this century what oil was to the last century. Less than thre [...]

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Contrail Cirrus Cloud Seeding and Thinning

“Jon Egill Kristjansson told us about the fine line a potential cloud seeder would have to walk by seeding small, homogenous ice nuclei in cirrus clou [...]

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CIA Concerned Rogue Geoengineering is Undetectable!

Rogue Geoengineering is Undetectable Using Modern Sensors A fundamental scientific question is whether an engineered increase in reflectivity (albedo [...]

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Activists Challenge EPA at Hearing on Flight Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency held a public hearing its Washington, D.C., headquarters to hear from environmental groups, aircraft industry repr [...]

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Geoengineering Necessary to Meet COP21 Goals

“Within the Paris agreement there’s an implicit assumption that there will need to be greenhouse gases removed,” said Phil Williamson, a scientist at [...]

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Commercial Aviation Creating Ice Haze and “Accidental Geoengineering”

If the recent clear sky “brightening” trend were due to cleaner air and fewer aerosols alone, it should be accompanied by an increase in direct downwe [...]

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Climate Global Control Trading LLC Creates and Steers Hurricanes with Ionospheric Technology

Climate Global Control Trading, LLC. Steers Tropical Cyclone Ashobaa In agreement of our company and Abu Dhabi, was a task to deposit precipitation i [...]

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Drones electrically seed clouds in United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 24 April 2017 – The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science is collaborating with a team of leading meteorologists to develop [...]

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USDA Sprays Electrified Water Over Texas

U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wesley C Hoffmann (Clint) from the Aerial Application Technology Research, Agricultural Engineering division used an [...]

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Iran Accuses Israel of Cloud Theft

"Joint teams from Israel and one of the neighboring countries make the clouds entering into Iran barren. Moreover, we are faced with the cases of clou [...]

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