Chemtrails From Space ARCHIVE

Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE)

The radar scatter from dusty plasmas will be studied with the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) launched from Wallops Island, Virginia in Spring of 2009. A dusty plasma will be produced in the ionosphere by releasing an expanding shell with 66kg of Aluminum Oxide particulates. The expansion velocity of the shell will be 2.5 km/s. Ground radars and optical syst [...]

Test Technology Symposium 1997: Weather Modification

Dr. Arnold A. Barnes Jr. from the USAF Phillips Lab gave a presentation titled “Session B: Advanced Weapon/Instrumentation Technologies.” where he discussed making “Owning the Weather in 2025” a reality. John Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory. Note: HAARP on page 6. This presentation before the US Army/Air Force attendees comes two years after two FOIA doc [...]

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

US Air Force dreams of future weather warfare techniques. In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the warfighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides opportunities to impact opera [...]

Department of Defense HAARP Steering Group - Joint Services Program

HAARP HF Active Auroral Research Program - Joint Services Program Plans and Activities Summary of HAARP Steering Group Activities and Schedule Dec. 13, 1989: US Navy-Air Force meeting at Office of Naval Research to discuss mutual interests in carrying out a DoD program in the area of ionospheric modification. The need for a unique heating facility (HAARP) to conduct c [...]

International Treaties and Active Experiments in Space

Satellite explorations of the near earth environment have vastly increased our understanding of space plasmas and their interactions with systems. A logical next step involves active experiments in which small quantities of matter and energy are injected into space environments. These experiments seek to verify tentative, scientific understanding and to identify ways [...]

Beam Experiment Aboard Rocket (BEAR)

On July 13, 1989 the BEAM experiment Aboard Rocket (BEAR) linear accelerator was successfully launched and operated in space. The flight demonstrated that a neutral hydrogen beam could be successfully propagated in an exoatmospheric environment. The accelerator, which was the result of an extensive collaboration between Los Alamos National Laboratory and industrial pa [...]

NASA Project Cameo Barium Cloud Over Alaska

The space agency released barium from a satellite over Alaska Sunday, creating glowing, bluish-white clouds for a weather experiment to study the movement of particles in the earth’s atmosphere. Within several hours the spreading clouds were spotted by tracking telescopes as far as Arizona and Hawaii, although they were too high to be visible to the naked eye except i [...]

Sounding Rockets Explosive Shells Pound Ionosphere

December 1, 1970 to April 28, 1972 - ARPA Project SECEDE “Observations of the Developement of Striations in Large Barium Ion Clouds” Contractor: University of Alaska, Geophysical Institute. Auount of Contract: $283,849.00 Striations develop within large (12-352 kg releases) barium ion clouds in a two-stage process. First the clouds split into sheets commencing at the [...]

Project High Altitude Research Program (HARP) Cannons Launch Chemical Payloads Into Space

U. S. ARMY MATERIEL COMMAND BALLISTIC’ RESEARCH LABORATORIES ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, MARYLAND Project High Altitude Research Program (HARP) is directed toward the use of guns for scientific probing of the upper atmosphere. The attractive features of guns for this purpose are the basic economy of such a system and the high inherent accuracy of guns for placement [...]

Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Upper-atmospheric nuclear explosions fry satellites by creating artificial radiation belts. Discovery of “The Christofilos Effect” was made during Operation Argus: whistler waves scrape radiation from space and dump out on the poles: artificial aurora. The Partial Test Ban Treaty (PTBT) is the abbreviated name of the 1963 Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapon Test [...]

Project Firefly - Chemical Releases in Space

Project Firefly 1960, the upper atmosphere chemical release program of the Geophysics Research Directorate, in cooperation with other participting agencies, has provided a systematic study of several types of upper atmosphere perturbations. Reports on reduced and interpreted data from a number of optical and radio-frequency stations have been prepared by participants, [...]

The Environmental Modification Accountability Act #ENMODAA

An Act To End Atmospheric Experimentation Without Notification

Our solution is an addendum to the international weather warfare ban requiring two things:
• TRANSPARENCY: a worldwide requirement to give 48 hour notice before modifying or experimenting in our sky or surrounding atmosphere.
• VERIFICATION: create a worldwide citizen-powered sensor network to monitor atmospheric conditions, record video footage of sky conditions, analyze rainfall samples, and display atmospheric aerosols in real-time on a publically available website.

Hands Off Mother Earth Manifesto: A Permanent Ban on Geoengineering

110 civil society organizations and popular movements denounce geoengineering and demand an immediate stop to all open-air experiments.

If your organization would like to join the fight against geoengineering and endorse the HOME Manifesto, please send an email to [email protected].