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HAARP HF Active Auroral Research Program - Joint Services Program Plans and Activities

Summary of HAARP Steering Group Activities and Schedule

Dec. 13, 1989: US Navy-Air Force meeting at Office of Naval Research to discuss mutual interests in carrying out a DoD program in the area of ionospheric modification. The need for a unique heating facility (HAARP) to conduct critical experiments relating to the potential DoD applications was identified. A Navy-Air Force-DARPA program was proposed.

Dec. 13, 1989: Navy-Air Force personnel present their proposed DoD program to DARPA and DDRE representatives at a meeting at DARPA.

Jan. 9-11, 1990: Ionospheric Modification/ELF Workshop held at NUSC, attended by personnel from government agencies, universities, and the private sector. The workshop provided an opportunity for broad-based inputs concerning research needs in ionospheric modification. In addition, potential systems applications requiring further research were defined, and the characteristics of a new, unique, HF heating facility were discussed and identified.

Jan. 25, 1990: Navy-Air Force meeting at the Geophysics Laboratory (Hanscom AFB, MA) to develop a plan to achieve DoD HAARP objectives.

Feb. 7, 1990: Written description of HAARP plans and objectives circulated to Navy, Air Force, and DARPA personnel for coordination.

Feb. 12, 1990: Meeting with DDR&E at ONR to present HAARP plan, and to discuss implementation approach.

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