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James Pollard Espy - The Storm King

James Pollard Espy (or “The Storm King”) (May 9 1785 – January 24 1860) was a U.S. meteorologist who proposed burning forests on the west coast of the [...]

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Charles Mallory Hatfield “The Moisture Accelerator” Makes Rain For L.A., Floods San Diego

The indisputable fact is that Hatfield went into the hills nineteen times to bring on a rain, and nineteen times it rained when he promised. Last Dece [...]

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Vincent Schaefer, Irving Langmuir, and Bernard Vonnegut invent Cloud Seeding

Vincent Schaefer (1906–1993) discovered the principle of cloud seeding in July 1946 through a series of serendipitous events. Following ideas generate [...]

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President Kennedy United Nations Address On Weather Modification

“if the Soviets control space they can control earth, as in past centuries the nation that controlled the seas dominated the continents.” Senator John [...]

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President Lyndon Johnson Approves Weather Warfare

“It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world's cloud layer and ultimat [...]

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Operation Popeye, Motorpool, Intermediary, Compatriot: Weather Warfare Over Vietnam

Operation Popeye's weather warfare project was conducted from Thailand over Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and was allegedly sponsored by Secretary of St [...]

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CIA Project Nile Blue - Rain Embargo on Cuban Sugar Crops

“But the seeding near Cuba was to cause less rain, not more. It was supposed to squeeze rain out of clouds before they reached the island. You might s [...]

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The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD) Weather Warfare Ban

The Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques Parties to the Environmental Modifica [...]

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Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

US Air Force dreams of future weather warfare techniques. 2025 is a study designed to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force [...]

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Test Technology Symposium 1997: Weather Modification

Dr. Arnold A. Barnes Jr. from the USAF Phillips Lab gave a presentation titled “Session B: Advanced Weapon/Instrumentation Technologies.” where he dis [...]

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Department of Homeland Security Hurricane Modification Workshop Report

In view of these realities, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with the organizational assistance of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin [...]

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CIA Concerned Rogue Geoengineering is Undetectable!

Rogue Geoengineering is Undetectable Using Modern Sensors A fundamental scientific question is whether an engineered increase in reflectivity (albedo [...]

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