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Department of Homeland Security Hurricane Modification Workshop

In view of these realities, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with the organizational assistance of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/Global Systems Division of the Earth Systems Research Laboratory sponsored a workshop on hurricane modification at the David Skaggs Research Center in Boulder, Colorado February 6-7, 2008. This action is consistent with the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mission to respond to threats and hazards to the nation and the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) goal to accelerate delivery of enhanced technological capabilities to meet requirements and fill capability gaps to support DHS agencies in accomplishing their mission. The focus of the workshop was to:

  • Identify viable hurricane modification hypothesis that warrant further study
  • Understand hurricane physical processes including their initial development, mechanics, life cycle, instabilities and responses to outside dynamics and forces
  • Understand DHS specific concerns regarding hurricane threats to life and property caused by wind, rain and storm surge
  • Define potential DHS-specific hurricane modification factors, requirements and risks (i.e. pre-development modification, track changes, intensity change)
  • Address projected effort/cost/viability/time-lines for hurricane modification implementation
  • Recommend a path forward 
  • Limited scale field tests:
    • Salt Seeding Tests
    • Carbon Black Aerosol (CBA)
    • Upper Ocean Cooling
    • Ion Generators
    • Seeding
    • Monolayer Films


1. Mr. William Laska – Department of Homeland Security
2. Dr. Edward Hume – Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
3. Dr. Joe Golden – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
4. Dr. William Cotton – Colorado State University
5. Dr. Bob Kurzeja – Savannah River National Laboratory
6. Dr. Alan Blumberg – Stevens Institute of Technology
7. Dr. Jerald Carithers – University of Southern Mississippi
8. Dr. William Woodley – Woodley Weather Consultants
9. Dr. Jay Hobgood – Ohio State University
10. Dr. Moshe Alamaro – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11. Dr. Stephen Salter University of Edinburgh
12. Dr. Daniel Rosenfeld – Hebrew University
13. Dr. Mark DeMaria – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
14. Dr. Edward Walsh – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
15. Dr. Isaac Ginis – University of Rhode Island
16. Dr. John Latham – University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
17. Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick – Mississippi State University
18. Dr. Sundararaman Gopalakrishnan – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
19. Ms. Paula Lantzer – Department of Homeland Security
Not Pictured: Dr. Roelof Bruintjes – National Center for Atmospheric Research

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The Environmental Modification Accountability Act #ENMODAA

An Act To End Atmospheric Experimentation Without Notification

Our solution is an addendum to the international weather warfare ban requiring two things:
• TRANSPARENCY: a worldwide requirement to give 48 hour notice before modifying or experimenting in our sky or surrounding atmosphere.
• VERIFICATION: create a worldwide citizen-powered sensor network to monitor atmospheric conditions, record video footage of sky conditions, analyze rainfall samples, and display atmospheric aerosols in real-time on a publically available website.

Hands Off Mother Earth Manifesto: A Permanent Ban on Geoengineering

110 civil society organizations and popular movements denounce geoengineering and demand an immediate stop to all open-air experiments.

If your organization would like to join the fight against geoengineering and endorse the HOME Manifesto, please send an email to [email protected].