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Contrail Cirrus Complaints Begin Nationwide

As you know our entire economy is dependent upon tourist trade, which is predicated on our bright sunshine and warm climate. Recently our sky has resembled a mob of exuberant sky riders performing an aerial circus. The ‘contrails’ are breaking down into a haze and creating a cloud-like appearance in the sky. The Air Force, so far, is flabbergasted.
Dire Predictions for Jet-produced Cloud Cover
Jets Increase Clouds. Reid A. Bryson said that jet aircraft contrails were one of the more recent types of cirrus clouds, which are comprised of ice crystals at high altitude. Where jets are operating today, cirrus clouds have increased by 5% to 10%, Bryson said. He estimated that if the day came when 300 supersonic transports were in the air at one time, the region of operation of most SST’s “might easily be 100% covered with cirrus clouds.” The net effect of this would be further to reduce the heating of the earth, and blue skies might become a rarity.
Artificial Clouds



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The Environmental Modification Accountability Act of 2018

Our solution is an addendum to the international weather warfare ban requiring two things:
• TRANSPARENCY: a worldwide requirement to give 48 hour notice before modifying or experimenting in our sky or surrounding atmosphere.
• VERIFICATION: create a worldwide citizen-powered sensor network to monitor atmospheric conditions, record video footage of sky conditions, and display atmospheric aerosols in real-time on a publically available website.